Boomzaa residence communities: Lives that work

our vision

The Boomzaa “preferred lifestyle” vision represents an innovative, sustainable solution designed to enrich and energize the lives of our residents (and other stakeholders) for many years to come.

7 REasons to boomzaa


More importantly, human scale. Envision a pocket neighborhood consisting of about 50 homes on a one to five-acre urban or near-urban infill site. With a mix of home types and a carefully planned balance of private and public spaces.


Flexible neighborhood design
The concept allows for a variety of housing types in urban density. But the actual plan and housing mix are flexible to conform to different locations and market dynamics.


Resident “commitment”
All homes are for lease only; however, we're also collecting a one-time Preferred Lifestyle Deposit at contract initiation which is refundable at lease end and after a resident leaves the neighborhood.  We want to replace the transitory mindset and engender a sense of personal commitment to the neighborhood as a community stakeholder.


We see our residents helping us shape the on-going character and content of their neighborhood. Through this process of co-creation, we offer residents more than a voice. We give them a stake in the outcome – strengthening their commitment to the neighborhood and to each other. This brings about an even more valuable lifestyle experience.


Home and hospitality
To give our residents an added dimension of convenience and freedom in their daily lives, we’re providing the services of at least one full-time, on-site, concierge-style director. There is no HOA, and there are no dues. The director’s services are covered by the monthly residence fees.


Ongoing management
We’re dedicated to enhancing our vision and nurturing our investment. So we plan to oversee operations within each neighborhood and remain actively involved for years to come.


Core values

  • To live well and do good.
  • To inspire and to be inspired.
  • To be part of an engaging, creative, stimulating, healthy environment.
  • To be a good neighbor; to look out for one another.
  • To create something of lasting value.

a new choice.
A new preference.

Informed by what's been... innovating what's possible.