Making a World
of Difference

Creating. Engaging. Communities.
Creating. Engaging. Communities.

Imagine residential communities where the energy is distinctive. Imbued with a sense of ease, human connection, and a life-enhancing design. Inspiring places and spaces that bring out the best in people and foster its residents’ potential as neighbors and human beings. We develop unique communities of “right-sized” dwellings and cool, social gathering places. Life-giving communities around the world, built around people and their lives—not just a place to live.

This is Boomzaa…and it makes all the difference in the lives lived here.

BOOMZAA (boom-zaa)

Created by combining the word Boom, a meaningful point of impact, and ‘Zaa’, a Swahili word meaning ‘to give birth or to bear fruit’.

Our Concept

A more fulfilling option.

People are becoming increasingly frustrated by the usual choices in places to live. That’s because it’s tough to truly ‘live’ with options limited to expensive, trendy ‘lofts’, older, inner city neighborhoods, and cliché suburbs. And they all come standard with the privilege of a 30-year mortgage? Surely there’s a better way.

Our Vision

Shifting the paradigm.

We envision an uplifting, new approach that transcends traditional living choices. Our amenity-rich, lifestyle-focused communities meet our residents where they are…at any age and at any stage in their lives…to create diverse, inspired, and engaging communities while delighting the ‘young at heart’ sensibilities in us all.

Our Collaborative

Integrated Teamwork.

The best ideas come together when like-minded yet diversely talented teams combine their core competencies. Our team at Boomzaa is such a collaborative– an experienced synergy of developers, builders, architects, marketers, and financial leaders. Consummate, creatively-minded professionals who share a steadfast belief that “fiscal viability” and “lifestyle viability” go hand-in-hand to create remarkable futures.


We will keep our
project at the edge of the
“new luxury” trend.


Lee County will be the
fastest-growing county in
the US through 2045.


Brought to life by a
collaborative team with
unrivaled expertise.

“The greatest discovery is the one we’re about to make.”

Our Progress

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